Kayla N. Washington


I want the President to inform teenagers, and young adults about the responsiblities that come with being a parent espacialy at such a young age and how having a kid at a young age can affect your well being.

Kayla N.

Olympia, WA

7 November, 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

For a very long time adoption has been a choice for a lot of people. Most adoptive parents either can't have children themselves or the have know people who have adopted before and found a interest in adopting. Adopting can be a life changing experience for both the child and the parent that is adopting it. I would like you to fix this issue by educating teenagers, young adults about the responsibilities of having kids at a young age and how it can affect the teenager wellbeing.

The issues in the adopting process are very hard and sometimes very upsetting or brutal. The most common reason why children get put up for adoption is due to the parents having kids 19 years or younger. This puts the parent(s) in a hard position trying to juggle school and trying to provide for their child with no steady income. Its also hard for the biological mother going through the pregnancy and the affect it has on them.

If this wasn’t a problem in society, children who are adopted wouldn’t have the questions like: “Why did my parents not want me?”, “Who is my biological mother and father?”. Teenagers would have more of an understanding on why having kids at such a young age could affect the life of the child, their own personal life, the responsibilities that come with being a parent, and how it would make a child either confused, and hurt because they were put up for adoption. Also, when the biological parents put their child up for adoption can be very hard for them to give up their child. The pregnancy can also be hard for the mother if the biological father isn’t involved or even how the girls parents feel towards them.

This issue can be down sized or even almost completely resolved by teenagers have more teaching on the matter of adoption and the effects from it. Also, if parents teach their children that having kids at a young age and before they are married can be very hard and life impacting in not always positive ways. I also know that a group of kids put of for adoption are put up because of the location where they live like a war torn area or maybe it’s not a place where children can be raised, and there is no other way for the child to have a good life. But, in the U.S. this issue can be semi-fixed by the way that teenagers and kids get taught about this very serious situation.

If this issue gets resolved we wouldn’t have to worry about the physical and mental well being of the adopted children. Children wouldn’t have questions about their biological parents or questions about if they are loved, and they mostly likely wouldn’t have mental health illnesses as bad as if they were adopted. Also, the teenagers who have children wouldn’t have to go through a hard time if they have to give up their child and they wouldn’t have to go through the way parents and or family treat them.

If you possibly find a way where teenagers even adults can get informed on this issue, I think that people will realize how serious and life altering adoption and being young parents can have on lives.


Kayla N.

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Washington Middle School

Social Studies Period 4

8th Graders

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