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Sankara Ananda letter to the president

In this letter I am here to explain why the president should focus on global warming.

Dear Next President,

My name is Sankara Ananda. The issue I am here to talk to you about is global warming. The reason I think you should listen to this problem is because different parts on earth are losing land mass and families are being affected by this. People have to leave their homes just because we can't stop burning fossil fuels and letting C02 into the atmosphere. In the past year, global C02 emissions grew 3%, hitting a world record in 2012, and scientists with the Global Carbon Project (GCP) estimate it will increase by 2.6 by the end of this year to an estimated 35.6 million tons. If we don't take care of this now, it will just keep increasing, and it will never end until we one day don't have a second option. Then lead to a huge decrease in human population because we won't take care of this issue.

The reason this is affecting the world is because we are losing land mass which is affecting the global population. Many places places such as China, Vietnam and Alaska are losing land mass. ,Global Warming has a direct impact on China's coastal areas as global temperatures rise increasing the size of sea levels. China's state Oceanic Administration indicated that the sea level around Chinese coastal areas has increased by 90 millimeters over the past 30 years. Chinese scientists also predict that even if global warming stops, by 2050 one-third of the glacial area in Tibet will disappear and half will disappear by 2090. Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, which produces nearly half of the country's rice, is particularly vulnerable to global seas level rise,. If that happens, they will have no rice for three-season rice farming which could lead to starvation. Many villages in Alaska are already built upon permanently frozen soil called permafrost, but because ocean temperatures are increasing, the permafrost melts are causing the ground to erode and many of these coastal towns are sinking. Newtok is located on the western coast of Alaska right on the edge of the rapidly rising Ninglick River. The prawn town already sits below sea level and will soon have to be evacuated if sea levels even rise just by a small fraction.

If we talk about the other people in the world, there are different theories about global warming, but most people think that global warming is a huge issue, although there are some who think that global warming isn't real because they are not being affected by its horrible disasters. A majority of nations said that global warming is a serious issue and have tried to use solar panels and wind to produce natural energy which could help stop global warming, We need to follow the example of Manoj Bhargava the owner of 5-hour energy who uses 90% of his money to invent ways to naturally produce energy, instead of burning fossil fuels and releasing CO2 into the air.

If we want to stop global warming we have to act now. Ways we have tried global warming is through solar panels and wind turbines. Already countries in the world are using solar panels because of the increase in global warming. Germany ranking the highest country in the use of 32,411 solar panels. Global warming hasn't had that much of an affect on Germany itself but Germany must see that it will be an issue for them soon so they must be trying to fix the problem before it escalates to much then affecting them. Italy has also had an installation of 16,361 solar panels. Global warming has also had an affect on Itali. As the glaciers around Italy melt it is increasing the water level and will soon destroy the historical monuments that Itali owns. Even the city of Venice is slowly sinking from the rise of sea level. And will soon destroy the city or lead to a large evacuation if we don't resolve this issue now. Wind turbines are also an amazing source of energy and if we put solar panels together with the wind turbines it will make a huge difference in CO2 emissions. One of the top countries getting a huge energy source from wind turbines are China. They also have the 31% world total in wind turbines and they must have been doing this because in my previous paragraph I explained how China has been affected by global warming. I think the way the president should address this issue is by spreading awareness of the effects by global warming through speeches and propaganda and even pass laws through the amount of fossil fuels we are allowed to burn in America. By following these examples of these countries we could improve the way they are improving then other countries might look at this and then do the same thing and soon all countries will do this.

Yours sincerely,

Sankara Ananda

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