HauBui California

Animal Abuse

Many animals are getting abandoned by their owners.

Dear Next President, 

I'm sixteen years old and I am a high school student. I don’t understand why there is such a problem with people abusing their animals. There are so many different animals here, horses, cats and dogs, and for some reason or other, people think it is OK to abandon their horses in a field without water or food, tie up their dogs on a heavy chain and never let them loose, deny them love and human companionship, kill them, maim them, use heavy choker chains on their necks to restrain them, take them to the courthouse and have them walk on hot pavements where they burn their feet, throw them out of moving cars and any other number of things people can think of to torture. The president should get all those animals in one places to raise it if they get abandon. Please help those animals!



La Quinta High School

Nadeau Period 2

U.S. History

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