Challenger Middle School California

Overcoming Obstacles to STEM Careers

We are concerned with the lack of girls and minority boys entering STEM careers. We think that schools, parents, and the government should work to expose students to potential careers early on and support all students in following a path to STEM if they choose.

Dear Next President:

Have you ever heard of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers? STEM careers impact society in a beneficial way and are the reason why we have jobs such as teachers and engineers who help future society and individual lives through innovations. Without these important careers we cannot advance as a country.

Unfortunately, young people are not going into STEM careers and so we risk not developing new technology. According to Allie Bidwell in “STEM Workforce No More Diverse Than 14 Years Ago”, "Fifty percent of current engineers are going to retire in the next few years" and we don’t have anyone to replace them unless you step up and help us fix this problem.

We need you to raise awareness by speaking to schools, your government colleagues, and parents. We need you to teach these groups that all students need to experience the jobs of being an engineer, computer scientist, and researcher. Girls and minority boys need this support more than anyone. Our future depends on it.

Thank you for your time,

Room 514 6th Grade English class

Challenger Middle School

Challenger Middle School

Grade Six English Class

This group represents the students in my grade 6 English classes. We researched the lack of diversity in STEM careers, the impact, and the causes. They have decided to write to various people and companies, one of them being to contribute to this movement - Letters to the Next President.

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