Kayla M. Georgia

Gender Wage Gap

In male-dominated jobs, where salaries are high, women are vastly under paid compared to men

Dear President,

If men and women perform the same tasks and job, why should women be paid less? In male-dominant professionals, where salaries are high, females are vastly underpaid compared to males, even when they perform the same job.  

Gender inequality has been a problem for a long time. This country's’ wage gap has been steadily increasing for over 70 years.

Full- time female workers make 80 cents for every dollar made by men. This means that for every dollar a man makes a women makes 80% of of that. With that 20% set back in salary, women have to stress more about paying bills on time, purchasing necessary living items and making investments for the future while staying within budget.

40% of wage gaps can not be expressed by occupation, work experience or race. This means that almost half of of wage gap experiences are expressed within gender discrimination, not because women choose lesser paying jobs, nor having as much of work experience, nor because of their ethnicity or race. This is a serious issue because women work just as hard as men, if not harder, to pursue a career they enjoy. Women lose up to 20% of their annual salary because of false stereotypes and biased opinions.

Some may say that there Gender Wage Gap is a myth because women automatically take more days off work for child care or during pregnancies. This is logical, but in reality only half of the female population has children.   In other words, this leaves a fair amount of women experiencing unequal pay because of their gender and there is no relation to pregnancy, child care, or motherhood.

Females with male dominated professions make 20% less than men, even though they are doing the tasks and assignments. A solution for this issue could be implementing pay transparency. This would allow all co-workers to be more aware of their colleagues’ salary. With this action, more women would be aware of this problem and would be able to speak out among the workforce. It's your turn to take action and help women receive the salary they deserve.

Sincerely ,

Kayla M