Isabelle D. California

Equal pay

My viewpoint on equal pay for all American women and men.

Dear Future President,

I’m writing because I’m concerned about the issue of equal pay for working women. Female rights, such as equal pay is affecting women because it can be harder for working families to make a living. I will not stand to watch women in workplaces earn less for the same work. I encourage you to fix this problem by enforcing equal pay in all workplaces, and to make a public announcement about it. Many families rely on woman of the household for at least half of their family’s income.

It is estimated that the wage gap for women will close by 2058, but I would like for you, President, to give this issue more attention and to close the wage gap for women and men now. According to , “by the time a college-educated woman turns 59, she will have lost nearly $800,000.” This loss in money can affect their family, such as paying for childcare or paying for rent. This can also affect young women because they will not get as many good opportunities for jobs in the future.

I would also like to address another issue that stands out to me relating to equal pay. I believe we should have a president that can protect women's’ rights, and let women have higher roles in jobs. An example is the“...lack of readiness by companies to hire women for top positions and by voters to elect women to higher office are major reasons that there aren’t more women in top leadership roles in business and politics.” Therefore, having more women in higher offices, such as in the government, can help us gain access to the equal rights we deserve.

In conclusion, I think you, as our President should give these issues more attention and make sure our country is equal and fair for all people. I hope you will help change this and make sure women have enough money to take care of their families have more female leaders, so we can have more recognition. In the future, I hope you will take care of this issue and let young women grow up in a nation of opportunities that allows them to achieve their dreams.


Isabelle Do


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