Ivy C. California

Dear Future President

A problem in my community that I think should be resolved when you become president.

Dear Future President,

There are many issues in my community that I think should be taken care of, but one in particular is most important to me: the environment. The many negative factors that make the environment worse than what it already is doesn't only affect my community , but the entire planet. I feel that the environment is something that should become one of your main priorities.

Pollution is the reason why the environment is getting worse every second. The main cause of pollution is the burning of fossil fuels. Specifically from auto exhaust, coal burning, factories, and many other things. Ever since the Industrial Revolution commenced, the amount of pollution has sky-rocketed immensely. If the amount of pollution continues as the way it is currently, then Earth will reach its tipping point. By that, I mean that Earth will no longer be able to handle all the Nitrogen-Oxide, Carbon-Dioxide, Sulfur-Dioxide, Particulate Matter, and Ozone that we are creating. Earth will die. Things have to change in order for our home to continue to live.

All these gases and pesticides create negative outcomes that would either take years to recover, or will not even have the ability to recover. The outcomes of Particulate Matter is that it reduces visibility and respiratory irritation; Nitrogen-Oxide outcomes are acidification to lakes, respiratory irritation, leads to photochemical smog and ozone formation; Sulfur-Oxide outcomes are acid deposition, respiratory irritation, damages plants; and so on. As you can see, the main outcome is respiratory irritation. Pollution is killing our ability to breathe. The gases are killing our plants. It is creating global-warming. Pollution is changing everything negatively. Pollution is not only killing us, but also the Earth. The environment has to become a top priority in order for humans to keep living.