Emmy R.

A Cancer Free World

Cancer is a huge problem and there are many types of it although not all are preventable we can end types that are.

Dear Mr. President,

Almost 1,500 people die of cancer every day, and it adds up to 564,800 people each year. People need to be more educated on cancer, and it’s prevention. It’s so easy nowadays to prevent cancer, but people don't listen and still do things that are bad for their bodies. One way that people get cancer is from smoking, and although there are alternatives to this people cannot stop but if we show them the terrible things that happen we can prevent this. If people stop and think about their health many other diseases and cancer types wouldn't be as bad as it is today.

In earlier times when the human body was just being looked at and in itself being discovered for all its wonders cancer wasn’t a known problem. They used to do something which has become a routine today, he did autopsies to relate the patient’s illness to pathologic findings after death. This created the foundation for scientific oncology, the study of cancer. Even after they used these practices, they had no clue there was a disease called cancer. Until, the 19th century when cancer was officially discovered and being researched.

Cancer has been around for a long time, smoking is one of the highest contenders of lung cancer, the most common type. Although the number of smokers has dropped 50 percent since the 1960’s, it’s still popular. There are many ways that people get cancer, and there are many types of cancer in the world. One of the most common ways that people get cancer is high exposure to UV radiation, sunlight, which is what causes this, it’s everywhere, and basically unavoidable. If people are in the sun for long periods of time without sunscreen they can get of course burned but also get different types of skin cancer. Another way is low-frequency radiation which is basically very high or low incomes of energy that go through our bodies and shatter cells, which can create new, infected, cells that are known as cancer. These are just a few of the ways people can get it unnaturally but you can get it from genetics and these all almost unpreventable but we can put research into it and find a way to fix this problem.

We have so much information on this terrible disease but we aren't taking much action. If we want to solve this issue we should spread awareness, by making informative PSA’s, and other writings. Because a lot of cancer comes from genetics and we cannot prevent this by looking after our health. Doctors and scientists should be able to do more research on how we can fix this problem and get rid of it before it becomes a big problem. This could help save many lives so why aren't we doing this already. Lets save the lives before their put in danger.

So Mr. President are you willing to pitch in money and save more lives? Although we are trying now to get rid of this people need to be more educated on cancer. Put in time to actually teach people about cancer. This issue is big around the globe and is a very serious problem. We need to stop the issue before it gets out of hand and is unable to end. We can create a cancer free world.

Sincerely ,

Emmy Riggs

Lewis Middle School

Ferro, English 8 Cluster

Period 6 and 7

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