Ariel C. Iowa

Everyone's Fight

Equality is something every man and woman should have.

Dear Future President,

I am writing this letter to bring to your attention something that has been a problem in our nation for many years and still continues to be one to this day. The problem I will be talking about is gender equality.

Woman typically get generalized as being the homemakers while men are the breadwinners. Who's to say that a woman can't be the main source of money in a household? What makes men and women so different? Of course there are the physical differences, but who is to say that one is better than the other?

The achievement of gender equality requires changes for both men and woman. Men in the thought of gender equality are something that is generally overlooked. The definition of gender equality is: Gender equality, also known as sex equality, gender egalitarianism, sexual equality, or equality of the genders, is the view that everyone should receive equal treatment and not be discriminated against based on their gender. The thought that gender equality is something that is only in the best interest of woman is also a problem that should be addressed.

Man and woman should both have the right to be the nurturer or the breadwinner if they should choose to. All in all everyone should always be treated the same no matter their gender. I think that there should be stricter rules on equality in the workplace. At this time I feel like this topic is something that people do not take seriously. If there was more emphasis on the fact that everyone should be treated equally I think that people might start to take this problem we have in our country seriously.Even though this is not a problem that we will constantly see in the news or hear about doesn't mean that it is not going on somewhere. This is a problem that will take more than just one person to fight. “Gender Equality is a human fight, NOT just a female fight.”



Okoboji High School

OHS College Comp I

A group of juniors and seniors at Okoboji High School in Northwest Iowa

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