Eelyssa S. Oregon


Students should receive less homework and spend free time how they please.

Dear Mr/Mrs President

Everyone can relate to the struggle of coming home after a long day of school with a pile of homework. In my opinion, the amount of homework we receive should be decreased or even completely taken away for 3 good reasons. One; after school time should be our time to spend as we please. Two; it's one more thing for students to stress about. Three; it is hard to complete homework if you get confused or lost.

We students spend 7 hours everyday, Monday through Friday, in school. That 7 hours is spent by us sitting in classes taking in mass amounts of information each day. By the end of that 7 hours, our brains have had enough and we are beyond ready to go do something else, whether that be go home and take a nap, watch tv, hang out with friends, spend time with family, run errands; whatever we feel like doing. But the worst thing that could possibly happen to a kid is to come home and jump in bed to take a quick nap, or to make plans to go hang out with your friends, and you remember the 25 math problems (show all work on every single problem which pretty much doubles the amount of time you should really spend), 2 Spanish worksheets (front and back, making it twice the fun), an anatomy lab, and an English paper that's all due tomorrow. Why should we spend another 2+ hours on homework when we just spent practically our whole day at school.

My second reason is the stress homework causes for students. I personally can relate to feeling like there's too much to do and not enough time and it's not a fun feeling. Some of us have jobs, or sports, or other commitments, and all the other things in life we all have to deal with. So to have a pile of homework to try and fit into our schedule and find the mental capacity to do can be very stressful. Also, getting behind in homework is one of the most stressful things. Not doing homework drops your grades, and some of our parents care about those grades. So when they see the grades dropping, they get on us about it, and the teachers get on us about it, and you have so much you feel like it'll never get done, and then you're just stressed out because you are now behind and busy and not sure when you'll get all the work done.

My final reason is homework can be very difficult to complete when you don't know how to do something and you obviously don't have a teacher you can just ask. Sure, you can ask your friends for help, but for someone who is in the same boat I am, I don't have many people in my math class that I know because it's an advanced class so most kids my age don't take it. So then what. I wait till the next day to ask for help? Well now it's due. How are we expected to complete the assignment if we get stuck. For instance, to complete this paper, it was suggested we use a certain website to help us find information. Well that website is ran through the school, and turns out when you try to access it from another device, you need a password. And guess who doesn't have that password; me. So what are we supposed to do in this situation? I guess the best answer I have for us is exactly what I'm doing; wingin it. But everyone knows that wingin it doesn’t exactly get you the best grade.

I understand why people see homework as a positive thing, and sure, give us some review IN CLASS so we can practice what we learned and have the ability to ask for help if needed. But it is completely unnecessary to have us spending our evenings sitting at home doing homework. Might as well just have us live at the school. We should be able to have some fun or take care of other business we have. We should be able to relax after a long day of sitting in school and use our free time however we please.