eden Iowa


Homework is hard to do and it takes away from family time.

Dear President,

Students are missing out on spending time with their family, being able to play sports or spend time with their friends because they have too much homework.

I believe teachers should not give us homework. Teachers do not always give kids homework. The National Education Association says most 7th graders and 8th graders have 70 to 80 minutes of homework every night ( www.nea.org) or about 1.36 hours of homework per night (www.nces.ed.gov).

Homework is too hard. We are stressing kids out with the amount of work they are being given. Kids spend an average of 4 hours a week doing homework. For some students homework is easy but it is not easy for parents. Schools are pushing too hard and expecting too much from the kids. I believe that students should be given time in school to complete their work. Teachers need to be available during the school day to help answer questions about assignments. This will help stop the stress on parents trying to help their kids with homework.

Kids need to be able to play and exercise after school. If they are sitting at home doing homework, they can not go outside to exercise and spend time with their friends. Making friends is very important for kids growing up. Being able to exercise and play will help kids stay healthy. Sitting for hours doing homework is not good and can make kids fat.

Homework is not healthy for kids and parents. Homework is very stressful for kids and parents. We need to get rid of homework so that kids can go out with their friends, get exercise and spend more time with their families.


Eden, Grade 7