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Media Bias

Media bias is a serious issue, especially in this election; find out what its all about and maybe how to fix the problem.

  Media Bias

Dear Future President,

Media bias is a huge issue in this country. Why does our source of news define character and political views? If you are conservative, you watch Fox News,If you are liberal you watch CNN or MSNBC. The problem with that is the tweaking of information and delivery to get the viewers on ‘their side.’, Everybody has a right to an opinion, and I believe in free speech, but it isn't right to have news delivered to the people of this nation through only two points of view. Your news channel should not define you.

There is no real in between, news channels are either far right or far left. They cherry-pick for information to support their views instead of telling the full objective story. News has become far too subjective in the 21st Century. It’s like two third grade kids only telling their side of the story and saying the other kid is lying. I believe the solution to this is to simply present the news, with no liberal or conservative bias. It’s an easy fix, really. Just present all the news, not just one side of it.

A study in 2007 found that, on the topic of global warming, 34% believed it was generally underestimated, 29% thought it was generally correct, 33% believed it is generally exaggerated, and only 4% had no opinion on the matter. Regardless of the belief that climate change is real or not, the numbers show that (most of) the public is split into one of three opinions.

From what I can see, the ‘conservative’ news channels such as Fox seemingly overreact, while the more ‘liberal’ news channels tend to underreact, like with climate change. Many conservatives think global warming is nonsense and most liberals believe global warming is indeed happening, each side accuses the other of not taking it serious enough or taking it too serious. For example, my mother is the definition of a ‘liberal.’ She watches CNN. My Grandparents are heavily ‘conservative,’ and they watch Fox News. I believe the same can be said for many families in this nation. News channels pick and choose their topics wisely and strategically. They find the exact wording to “prove” their points. It’s not fair to the American people to make their outlook on the world be dependant on a TV station or a newspaper or any online article.

America is and always has been driven by choice. Anybody can become anything. Everyone should have a view they can call their own. Make the news balanced. It should tell every detail, regardless of political views.


Harper Johnson 

West Albany High School

American Literature

WAHS American Listerature

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