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Reforming Schools

The public schooling in America needs to change because it is not effective and has many flaws, such as homework for a lot of students and also not enough resources.

Dear Future President, 

Schooling is going to shambles because people do not have the necessary resources to complete schooling in all places. Also there are things that impact people's grades that are just hard for some students. They do not understand some of it. It is hard for people to be able to get through school because of these reasons. The public schooling in America needs to change because it is not effective and has many flaws, such as homework for a lot of students and also not enough resources.

First, Not all schools give the same resources to their students as others. A quote to support that is, ¨It is important to maintain a consistent funding source for mass transit because millions of people in the United States—especially low-income Americans—use it to get to work. The widespread use of public transportation also reduces pollution by decreasing the number of cars on the road.¨ “Public Transportation Funding.” So this shows how some people aren't funded the right way because people don't have the right transportation. Also they can not afford to get these transportations. If the only way they are able to get to school is bus, then they may have to get up early. When they show up to school they may be tired and not be able to focus. If they do not have a way to school and miss it then they will not be able to obtain the knowledge they need.

Secondly, homework is not only ineffective for students it impacts their grade. A quote to support that is , ¨Excessive homework has led to a fatigued and stressed student population, and studies prove that homework does not advance academic achievement in the United States.¨ “Homework Issues & Controversies.” This shows how homework is not effective by saying that it leads to stress. Stress would be bad for the students because they won't be able to focus. If there is no impact on learning for homework then what is the point of having it? It also shows why students would have bad grades because they stress from the homework and give up on it. This would affect their learning in they are not learning from the teacher and they are trying to figure it out their own way and may not be able to do that.

I am a student in high school and I know how it is to get hours of homework and projects. Kids get stuck doing tons of homework during the nights. I know it is a bad experience because I have missed so many fun opportunities to go out with friends and do fun things because of homework. Kids should only have a limited number of hours of homework. Some students also have jobs so they may have to work, so they have even less time to do what they want. Students should still be able to go out and enjoy life. Not have to work like machines filling out pieces of paper for hours on end.

Some say however, that homework is effective because it gives students extra practice. This ¨practice¨ will only help if the student understands what they are actually learning it would be pointless to do it otherwise. Also students should not have to stay up late at night to be able to finish homework and not get enough sleep. They may also say that they only give around a half an hour of homework, but through 7 classes that is a lot. This would make students not able to even have a social life they would be stuck doing homework all night.

President I believe you can help these problems by helping funding the money to the schools that are not as fortunate and also with homework there could be an epidemic to change the amount of homework. There are also laws that we could pass to say how much homework people can get, which would be a little much for the situation. Though we could do something to a less of a degree to not stress kids with so much work.

I believe that all students are not treated fairly in that some get too much homework and some do not get enough benefits/fundings to be able to get through their academic career. Also they do not have a way to get to school. The public schooling is corrupt and should be fixed.The people aren't treated fairly in the real world because they didn't get the right education. That is why this topic is important to America. Thank you future President if you take this into consideration.



Oak Hills High School

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