Sydney Minnesota


Everyone is equal, and the new president needs to enforce that more strongly. Also we need to solve the whole cops and black people situation. Another thing is the new president needs to take a closer look at abortion.

 Dear future president,

I think that it is very important that you focus on the racism and inequality that has been coming back up to the surface of our country lately. I think it's really important you enforce equality in all parts of our everyday life. In the workplace, community, ect, men and women, blacks and whites, and every single race should be treated the same. If a man and a women have the exact same job, and do the exact same things, then they should be paid the exact same wage. I also think that you should address the black lives matter movement, because black lives do in fact matter and some of the events involving police should not be acceptable. For example the Trayvon Martin case. He was an innocent teenager just walking back from the store and was shot and killed by a police officer. On that same note, the police also matter and a lot of their actions can be justified. In my opinion this really all boils down to everyone respecting each other's lives and nationalities. The punishments involving racist actions should be much stricter, and more harsh. If the laws that are already in place about equality such as the civil rights movement and the entire outcome of the civil war, become more enforced and stronger, there is a greater possibility that they will be more respected.

Another issue that I think could use more attention is abortion. I don't think that it should become completely illegal, however in some cases it should not be aloud. Once the baby has began to develop under no circumstances should the parents decide/be allowed to abort their child. I think that all the other options such as adoption should be broadcasted more throughout and across the country. In cases such as rape, or life threatening situations I think abortion should be legal though. Parents should know that there are other options and that at a certain point they are killing an innocent child.

In conclusion good luck serving as president and I hope you can take a closer look at these problems