Terren D. Washington


I want you fix the war torn places. Help the people that are from those areas.

Terren D.

Olympia, WA

November, 8th 2016

The Next President of the United States

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Next President:

I want to help people in a terror crisis like immigrants trying to get away from war torn places like Iraq. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has taken most of northern and western Iraq for many months. The extremist have use brutal tactics to gain more and more land. They use like other terrorists unconventional warfare against us and other people, they also have attacked many military targets all across the world. The reason why these people do this is because they want to force their muslim beliefs upon the religion and they are forcing people into our countries and we should accept them for what they’ve been through. They have forced this upon many people and those people flee or worst they are killed.

The Extremists are pushing immigrants our direction and we don’t know if one immigrant is ISIS or is just someone looking for help I personally think that immigrant should be let into our states, countries or wherever you live. ISIS will even force teens to fight for them as if he were an adult ready for war. We only started after the terrorist because of the devilish attack on the twin towers and the pentagon on 9/11. We try to put soldiers in Iraq but the Iraqi soldier are not trained or have slow technology or infrastructure. The people in Iraq say that if we are there in search of peace and stability, then come on in and start. But they need more equipment and training.

If terrorism never existed then we wouldn’t have so many people have died on 9/11 or more terrorist attacks. Plus we could actually be a good world and have not of many lives lost because of these extremists doing horrible things to people they don’t even know. I personally think that if we had no terrorism we could get to other issues like hunger or feminism in the world.

I think that instead of sending out more and more men and women over to Iraq and other the areas that we need to push ISIS into the corner and try to work things out so we don’t lose lives trying to do absolutely nothing. I know that it might help with the world's peace and stability if we all thought the same way about killing people we don’t know.

If terrorism was finished and people actually calmed down then life on earth will become more peaceful and like I said we can focus our strengths on something else that is important like hunger or pollution. I think that if people were actually thinking about terrorism it's taking someone special someone unique away from this world someone that could have changed another life or change the world and that person's gone forever with no one to replace him/her.

I think that if we change our perspective to the person committing the crime or the person being hurt or killed by it then we can change the way we look at terrorism and how we can be able to become better people than we are now. Even in someone you think is a total monster there is good in everyone whether it's just a little or alot we have to get that good out and change the world or people will die because of the selfish acts of some stubborn extremist.



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Washington Middle School

Social Studies Period 4

8th Graders

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