September 29, 2016 Dear Future President, The next President needs to be concerned about terrorism. Priorities need to be a priority when you are in office. The biggest priority needs to be the terrorism and terrorist attacks because it puts not only people in other countries at risk, but the safety of very own soldiers and our people in our country. Although, not any recent attacks have occurred on the United State’s soil other than San Bernardino. 9/11 was the last attack on United State’s soil and we still have not done anything that would majorly affect the Al Qaeda or ISIS terrorist group. 2,996 innocent United State’s citizens were killed because of these awful people that have no regard for human lives. There has been 33 acts of terrorism that has emotionally and physically harmed the United States. This meaning that some of our major militants or United State’s citizens were killed in a foreign country. This is 33 too many; the United State’s claims to be the strongest country and we have the biggest and strongest military yet we let these attacks occur. Another example would be the terrorist attacks in France.This event really should have opened others eyes and it has not. I am not saying that the next president needs to start a war, but something has to be done to stop terrorism. It took France less than a day to send a bomb at one of ISIS’ camps and it has taken how long for the United States to do what exactly? We have bombed parts of Syria and Iraq but terrorists are still becoming stronger. The next President needs to do something that will stop them forever because people’s lives are being lost everyday because of these cruel people. Some of our very own people are being killed, this is not fair to them or their families. Sincerely, Caryssa