Samantha B. Ohio

Immigration Issue

Immigration is a very controversial topic because of the danger it poses, but is that stopping us from helping the people who need us?

Dear Future President,

I have written to you to inform you about an issue I find to be very important which is immigration in the U.S. immigration has become a very controversial problem in the U.S. for a while now and I would like to offer a possible solution to this problem. I only ask that you read my ideas to help solve this because in the end it’s up to you, future president.

While some people think it may be too dangerous to let immigrants into the country others think that we should help war refugees to escape the danger in places like Syria. Part of me agrees that it is dangerous to let immigrants into the U.S. knowing the terrorism that could follow them from Isis, but we can't let that cause us to leave innocent people to die who just want the safety and freedom of living in the U.S. I think we should have extreme security measures like background checks, questioning, and mental health reports to be cautious of anyone who wishes to harm anyone in the U.S. but if they pass those security measures then they should be let into the U.S instead of having to come in illegally like 11.5 million do every year. without question and be given the opportunity to become American citizens. Even if it is dangerous we have to help the people we can to come into safety or else we’re just the country who did not help people who needed us.

This issue has affected many people but most of all it has affected war refugees. They have nowhere safe to go to because of the war and terrorism like Isis and all they want is to escape it. The U.S, but only 484,072 immigrants were let in legally which means we are leaving all of the others behind. needs to help those people and let them into our country if all they want is a new opportunity, safety, and freedom because without that they are in danger and too many people have died already. We have to remember that everyone who came to America where immigrants once too. If you had a way to help thousands of people to safety and from all of the death from war wouldn't you, I would.

This issue does affect our country too though. Some people are saying that immigrants aren’t only dangerous but they’re taking our jobs, but they're not taking them they are earning isn't true that they're stealing our jobs they are simply getting them from good interviews and resumes like everyone else. The only way we are affected in the U.S. Is with a bigger population, which is not much much bigger because they are only 13.3% of our population, and the danger of terrorists, and that danger can be prevented with the security measures I proposed earlier. The U.S. might always be affected by immigration in some way but based on the effects facing us now why aren't we letting refugees into the country?

That's all I have to say, now it's up to you. Just remember that immigration is a very controversial topic because of the danger of terrorism by letting immigrants into the U.S. but you also have to remember that we all used to be immigrants who came together to live freely with each other, and there are still people who want that freedom and safety too. If you don't help let war refugees into the country, then more people are going to die, and you don't want that on your conscience, but you have a chance to save as many people as you can. You need to decide what kind of president you are. The kind who helps the people that need you, or the kind who turns your back on them in fear.



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