Ethan California

Take a Stand on Terrorism

Terrorism is a major threat that must be addressed.

October 14, 2016

Dear President Trump,

Across the United States and throughout the world, terrorism is a growing threat. People are living in fear, wondering if their town will be next. Although there are ongoing efforts to protect against terrorism, it is still a huge problem throughout the world. In San Diego, where I come from, there are no direct terrorist threats at this time. However, innocent lives across the world are being taken, and if this threat is not stopped, terrorists will continue to take lives and damage property. Mr. President, surely you can help stop this problem, that goes beyond the United States.

I am happy to say that the number of terrorist attacks from 2006 to 2013 has decreased, however it is still a growing issue worldwide ( However, we still must realize that there were 11,774 terror attacks just last year ( This outrageous number has caused over 28,300 deaths, and many of these people killed are mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, or husbands ( This is why I ask you Mr. President to cause an extreme change on terrorism. This will allow a child to grow up with his or her parents, and to eliminate the fear of a loved one coming home due to a terrorist threat.

This past year, I have become very interested in learning about terrorism. I have read many books from different peopleโ€™s perspective, and one of the most interesting was about the son of a terrorist. From the author of this book, Zac Ebrahim, I have learned how everybody is affected by terrorism, whether it is directly or indirectly. How it is a worldwide issue, not just isolated in certain communities.

Mr. President, I have showed you how terrorism is not only a problem in the United States, but a global issue. So I ask you, stop this threat that strikes fear into the general population, that takes loved ones away from families. If it is not stopped, countless lives will continue to be taken. The longer the threat goes on, the farther we will drift away from peace on earth. I ask you to look at the 28,328 people who have fallen victims to terrorism this past year. The United States must make stopping terrorism a priority, as it not only affects us, but the entire population of the world.


Ethan Ellis

San Diego, California

Rancho Bernardo High School


Mrs. Ugalde's sophomore writers

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