Gene K. Michigan

Animal Cruelty

Dear next president,

I am hoping that you will be willing to look into this subject and enforce laws on animal cruelty. There is a website called Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats(Humane Society), I would say that you could rely on this site because it is a “.org” site and it uses quoted information along with the website being updated in 2016. The website basically talks about the rate that animals are being neglected and abused, most common victims (animal wise), and the correlation with animal abuse and neglect. “ The Shocking number of animal cruelty cases reported every day is just the tip of the iceberg, most cases are never reported so it’s so hard to tell just how many there are” (Humane Society).

Animal Cruelty-ASPCA, I would say that this second website by the ASPCA is also reliable because it uses a “.org” at the end, it was recently updated, and it uses quoted information. The website basically talks about, animal fighting, puppy mills, horse slaughter, and animal hoarding. “As you read this another animal is being abused or neglected, or forced to fight, the first step to having a positive change is recognizing the things that threaten them” (ASPCA).

Animal Cruelty PAWS. I would say that this website is pretty reliable because it’s a “.org” site, it's by a reliable group “PAWS”, it uses quoted info and it was updated in 2016. The website mainly talks about what you can do to help, why people do it, and what PAWS can do to help. “Animal cruelty is a serious problem, remember you can speak up and stand up for that animal, depending on the situation keep three rules in mind, don't touch the animal, get an adult, and call for help” (PAWS).


Gene K.

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