Collin B. Michigan


We need to increase budget for ZIKA

 Letter - Collin Barber

Dear Future President,

I think we should worry about the zika virus because Lt's a very big problem in the world. As a result of this people are having deformed babies and we need to focus on a cure before It Infects every country in the world.

Some ways to tell you someone has zika Is fever, rash, joint pain,and muscle pain.People don't need to worry so much about driver less cars or that Colin Kapernick did not stand up for for the pleg. You have to worry about the now before the future.

One solutions is more funding for the cure.So I think people should worry about the zika virus.Another solution Is Is to contain the virus in the country they are already in. So think about It a while I hope you make the right decisions future president.