Braxton H. Michigan

Mislabeled Food Problems!

America needs to stop mislabeled food before it's to late!

Stop Food Mislabeling![for safety reasons]

Dear Mr. or Mrs. President,

The problem with food labels have to stop! People with food allergies need this to end as well because just imagine a little 5 year old kid eats a granola bar and the kids allergic to nuts. But it turns out it had peanuts in it, that would be a mislabeled food! I’m writing this to stop those incidents from happening. So, we need to stop mislabeled food!

The dangers with mislabeled food is extremely dangerous but basically people with food allergies are suffering. Their is about 15 million people with food allergies. If you think that’s high most of those people have eaten a mislabeled food that had stuff that they were allergic too. It’s are problem to because my Grandma found out she was allergic to oysters and the doctor said it’s because she ate one but she didn’t ever have oyster! According to the show Adam Ruins Everything most of the mislabeled food is fish. That’s my problem because I love to eat fish!

They mislabel food to get food people have never heard of on the menu. If you ever order red snapper [fish] in a restaurant it’s probably cheap Tilapia [fish] so save your money! They do this to make money over foods they don’t have.

Other’s might think that’s good because it gives people a new thing on the menu but that’s still lying to people. I hate when you expect to get something real but it is just fake food!

The solution is really easy just get the restaurant industry to stop with the fake foods and bring in all natural food. So, Mr. or Mrs. President will you stop the injustice of mislabeled food or do you want people with food allergies to suffer?

Thanks From,

Braxton Hutchinson