Hannah H. Michigan

Women Pay Too Much

Women pay more than men from birth to death .

L2P Letter - Hannah Huber 

Dear Future President,

Women pay more than men do for everything.  Lots of people think  "Are you kidding $5.99 for a pair of girl gloves and $2.99 for a pair of boy gloves I think I will just get the boy gloves." I think that having women/girls pay more for the same stuff as men/boys is not right.If people without a lot of money have to spend a lot of money on women/girl necessary needed stuff then that could take away money for food/meds. 

To start off with,women pay more than men do. The percent difference is 8% for a pair of pants. The average girl/women price is $24.63. The average boy/men price is $22.83. While some people say that women/girls should have to pay more because they have more bling on them and they are made with special types of material but I think not.

Second of all, women pay more for everything from birth to death. Women pay more due to “pink tax”. Simple things like shampoo are over priced; the average for women shampoo is $6.29 and the average boy shampoo price is $4.56. Women have to pay more money than men do for necessary things that they really need. Some people think that "women should pay more for bathing needs because they have special things in them to help with their skin".

Last but not least, the present differences are 13% in shirts. The average price girls pay for shirts are $15.82 and the average price boys pay is $13.95 . The effect is parents pay more due to their child's gender. People say that "women/girls should pay more because they are bedazzled more".

Last of all, women/girls pay more money for the same stuff as men/boys do. If you really care you will look into lowering the amount that women/girls pay for stuff.

Sincerely , Hannah Huber