Annaca L. Michigan

Help The Homeless

We need to help the Homeless

Homeless people need help with finding homes and supplies. The homeless need help because they need to have energy and be provided with food and some might need medication if they have health issues. The homeless people need to be provided with homes, shelter, and food so they don’t get hurt or get ill.

There has been over 564,708 people that have experienced or are homeless in the United States. There has been about 86,189 homeless people in Michigan alone. Most of the homelessness comes from big cities. In Michigan, most of the homeless people come from Detroit because it is a large city and a lot of people live there and it has a lot of buildings and not a lot of jobs. Some of the people can’t afford to get a job. That’s why most of the people are homeless down in the Detroit area.

Some serious effects as a result of homelessness is mental illness, addictions and traumatic events. In the month of September 2016 in Detroit alone 700 homeless people have reported being attacked, raped, and the numbers of murders are near 100.

So Mr/Mrs President, why couldn’t you find more vacant buildings to convert into shelters, get businesses and schools to donate the extra food to the shelters, and provide protections for these people? Maybe you could provide more jobs like, picking up trash on the sidewalks.

The homeless deserve homes and supplies because they need to be helped.

                                             Thank You, Annaca