Abigail S. Michigan


We need to help our economy get better with money.

Dear Future President of the United States:

I know that you are going to face many problems in your presidency but I have one very important one that I think has to be addressed ASAP. My claim is about money/ economics and how we need a lot of help on this.

To continue, here is one of the many problems. It is horrible that employees aren’t getting paid enough. Pew research center says “ more than 58.7% are getting minimum wage”, I do not think that about more than half of our population is getting paid minimum wage. Another example is Prescription and more products are getting way too expensive than they should be. The Washington Post said “ expenses for products have increased more than 14.77%”. I think that is outrageous to pay over $100 for a life saving product. And one more problem is having to pay money to withdraw YOUR money from YOUR bank account. That is not right to have to pay money to get money you earned through your hard work. In the state of Michigan you have to pay over $3.00 to withdraw your money. And they make you do that because the bank or the government want more money even though you earned it.

Even though I like my topic people think differently. It is really hard for the rich people nowadays to understand what the middle class and poor people go through. They don’t understand that we don’t get paid the same as them. I also think it's not right that we don’t get the same pay as them. I think that they want us to be like this. But I believe that everyone, famous or not, should get paid the same as everyone else. I understand it's not fair to them but it's not fair to everyone else who gets paid crappy pay while someone is on T.V. being a drama queen and getting paid millions. So again I think EVERYONE should get paid EQUALLY!

So Mr. or Mrs. future president I believe that when you become president that some solutions to this problem could be that ALL people should be paid equal. And finally another solution is that sales tax should be lowered because they are way too high. There are many more solutions but I believe that these are two most important.

To conclude this paper I am going to say that money/ economics need our help because this is the worst our economy has ever been. So it’s up to you future president will you help our economy grow? Will you help us period? And the final question I have for you is can you help America?