Tim S. Michigan

Affordable College

I want to have free or affordable college for everyone in america

Affordable COLLEGE

To: Mr or Mrs. president

We need to make college affordable or free.Families can run out of money paying for college for their kids or themselves. There are 4,140 colleges in America today. To get in one is a miracle for most families in the U.S.A.

College costs can be pretty expensive today in the U.S. The average college for in state enrollments are $9,410 a semester. For out of state enrollment is a whopping $23,893 dollars on average a semester. Private colleges can get up to $32,405 dollars a semester that ridiculously expensive. Although it may be a private college it’s still outrageous.

The whole reason college got expensive is because public funds got slashed. Most people just stopped paying the colleges for no reason at all. To help this problem the government could fund colleges more money. A reason to have affordable college is so people can make more money and have more jobs.

Some people think college tuition shouldn’t be changed. It should change so people can have jobs and money and have the luxuries of a home. So please if a place could have no homeless have a more jobs so this nation could be smarter I want you president to change this immediately.

author: Timothy Stahl