Tyler b. New York

Gun owners should be permanent US Citizens

how to help control the deaths from guns

Dear Next President, 

Guns are getting out of hand, so many people are killed by guns each year. According to BBC ¨Some 13,286 people were killed in the US by firearms in 2015¨ .That was just in america most of them in Tennessee they had 8,556 deaths from firearms. I think that in order to stop the killings or at least lower the amount we should make people have a permit and be a us citizen. Also a person should not be allowed to carry a gun if they have any felonies like if there for handling guns. Also if they were an immigrant and came to the us we should do a background check from the country the came from. Also guns should have to be in a stable cabinet and looked at all time´s because all it takes it 1 minute for a little innocent kid to grab it and accidentally pull the trigger and hut them self or a family member. That's what i believe for gun control.