Damon M. New York

Gun Laws Should Not Be Stricter

Why should citizens be unable to protect themselves?

Dear Mr. President,

Gun laws are fine as they already are, because they do not keep the Guns from criminals. Strict gun laws do not work because they take guns out of the hands of only law-abiding citizens. These civilians are then left with few ways to defend themselves against armed criminals, who do not follow laws. It is absurd to think that banning guns would stop a criminal from possessing them. If that argument worked, no one in America would posses or use illegal drugs. Banning something does not make it go away. Yet in 2012, there were only 217 murders in Houston — less than half of Chicago’s death toll according to (Usnews.com) . A major difference between the two cities: Houston has very few gun laws. Criminals there know that many citizens are well armed for self-protection.

Sincerely, Damon