Carter B. New York

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration has affected me in several ways

Dear Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton

I’m writing to you about an issue that has affected my life in many ways. When I was younger I lived on in a small town on Long Island, called Greenport, it used to be majority white town with a good amount of African American people, believe me this isn’t a letter about me hating black people! Most of my friends were African Americans before I moved. This is about a different issue that has not only affected Greenport but thousand of cities across the nation. The issue I’m going to be talking about is illegal immigration. According to Pew Research Center the amount of immigrants that have come into this nation illegally has gone from just around 3 million in 1990 to just over 12 million in 2010. When i started elementary school there were several illegal immigrants in my class and the teachers would give me my work in the morning and let me work on it all day because they would have to focus on the his Hispanic kids because they had to help them a lot more according to my 2nd grade teacher who is really good friends with my mother. When I lived there I had astounding grade, I’m talking high 90’s. But in 2008 when I moved upstate to a town near Albany, I started school and I was instantly fell behind because I hadn’t experienced school work like this, due to the fact that I was practically teaching myself the material. Also when my teacher went and looked into my file apparently the school i had been attended before moving here never gave me the necessary testing in the previous grade.

Before we moved my dad was a police officer and the percentage of the criminals he arrested were a lot more illegal aliens than black or white folks. Of all the illegal immigrants 12% are arrested for murder, 20% for arrested kidnapping and rape, and 16% for arrested drug trafficking, that’s 33% of the illegal immigrant populations that’s a pretty good chunk (

Also the illegal immigrants coming into this country are getting treated better than the veterans coming back from overseas that are losing their homes because they couldn’t make ends meet when they got back home. According to the Washington Examiner more illegal immigrant household use welfare than native households. 72% of illegal immigrant households with children are on welfare while only 52 % of native households with children are on welfare. And 62% of the households headed by an illegal immigrant are on welfare while only 30% of households headed by native legal Americans are on welfare that should say something right there!

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.


Carter B.