Anthony New York

Animal Rights

My letter is about how bad animals are treated around the world by puppy mills and animal testing.

Animal Rights

Dear Future President,

My name is Anthony Fiacco and you need to listen to me. Animals are treated poorly around the U.S. We have puppy mills in the U.S. But in the European region, the puppy mills are completely banned. If we are gonna make the U.S a better place, here are some ways.

Animals should be treated way better than they are. But, things like puppy mills and animal testing exist. We need to find a better place to have animals stored instead of puppy mills, Puppy mills can be large or they can be smaller than usual. Puppy mills are way too brutal on animals. There are 10,000 puppy mills just in the U.S, and only 3,000 of them are controlled by the U.S department of agriculture. We need to either control more of them or get rid of them all. They treat animals wrong and barely feed them or give them water. Puppy mill breeders leave the animals outside all year long despite how cold or hot it is. Most puppy mill breeders use a fake license and sell animals to local pet stores. Puppy mill breeders who are unlicensed sell the animals to the public which isn’t that good either. Puppy mills are completely banned throughout the European region and some places else, but the U.S still has them. Some countries are required to have them but we should not. Puppy mills treat animals more poorly than circuses and zoos do. And those are pretty bad also. The inspectors that go to puppy mills try to keep the breeders from treating the animals so bad but it barely works. Animal testing is a bad way to see if products are healthy are not. They use rats and mice and force feed them to see if the products can contain cancer. At the end of the testing that usually lasts a month or so, they kill the animals by decapitation Or wring their neck.

We can find a better place to have puppies and kittens placed than puppy mills but if not, then we need to eliminate them all throughout the U.S. We need to find a better way to find if products are healthy and we need to get rid of puppy mills. 

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