Tiffani New York

Natural Disasters

Is the president really doing anything to help the people who have gone through so much, the ones who have lost everything?

Dear Mr/Mrs President, what do you plan to do about all the starving children and the disasters going on all around the world?

Like the recent flooding in Vietnam(November 3, 2016), that killed 2 people and left thousands of others missing, and earlier(mid October) another the flooding killed 15 people and left thousands homeless, What would you do to help them? Most people just make a commercial about it expecting people to help but knowing they won’t, why don’t you(the president) go down to the disaster personally and try to help them yourself.

Or what about the people in Italy(October 30, 2016) and M6.5 earthquake hit and injured at least 20 people, that’s the strongest earthquake they’re had in 36 years. Why don’t you, as their president go down there and help the injured, they need all the help they can get, and if you say you’re a great president and don’t do that then you’re not a great president, what kind of president doesn’t help others when they’re in trouble, sure you maybe worried about the earthquakes, asking yourself questions like, What if one happens when i’m down there helping?, What if i don’t do a good job helping?, What if i can’t help at all? But a real president would try no matter what they’re thinking/feeling.

The very least you could do is send some of your men down there to help them too, you should just help them in someway, like build them more houses so when an earthquake happens and destroys their homes, they’ll have another one, so they’ll at least have a place to stay unlike now, where they have to sleep on the streets or in a shelter waiting for their homes to be rebuilt, some of them probably don’t even get their homes back and they’re stuck living on the streets or in a homeless shelter, just help them.

November 5, 2016 is tsunami awareness day. Tsunamis are rare but they’re deadly so why not help the ones who were unfortunate and happened to get one that destroyed homes, lives, and families, there are now tsunami warnings which tend to help a lot of people, but having the president help as well would probably make them feel a little better, and more thankful about what’s going on, so don’t just say “it’s not my problem” and just forget about all of it, help the people who really need it,and there are a lot of people/places out there there that could use your help, build homes, help find missing people, whatever you do to help them, as long as you’re down there with them and helping, i don’t think it matters what you do.