Paris O. Texas

Free The Greyhounds

Greyhoud racing is unethical, and it needs to stop.


Dear future president,

I am a student of keller high school.I am writing this letter to address the issue of greyhound racing.It is animal abuse that usually leads to permanent damage or death for the dogs.I believe that it should be made illegal for the safety of the animals based on it being animal abuse.

Greyhounds that are used for racing are treated horribly in dismal conditions.They are usually starved to keep them light and fast.When a dog is no longer able to race, around age 4-6, they will either euthanize them or throw them out into the streets.Most of the time these things are done in a inhumane manner to save money.Racing dogs are bred on farms, and if they don't make it as a racing dog they are killed.

Greyhounds are not the only animals being hurt or killed in this process.During the dog's training they will sometimes have them hunt and kill small animals in a live hunt.The people who run the tracks do not care for the dogs and dispose of them in an inhumane manner, or not at all.One racing track was shut down because liquified dog waste bubbled over onto the parking lot.In some case the dogs are fed the meat of diseased animals.They do this because it is cheap.

Greyhound racing has been around for along time, and in some cases gotten better.However, we can not wait for them to make the change at the rate it is going, and we need to force a change immediately.


Paris O.

Student, KHS

KHS Miller Pre AP

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9th Grade English Students

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