Nicole C. Texas

College Expenses

Colleges are getting more expensive and harder to get into as time progresses.

Dear future president,

I believe that colleges are just getting more and more expensive and harder to get into. I am a freshman in high school and will eventually be looking for colleges. My sister is a senior in high school and has been applying for colleges this year and it seems college prices just keep increasing as time goes on and there is not enough scholarships that are being handed out as it is getting harder and harder to get into a college. It also seems that when applying for colleges they always go right for the grades, class rank and all school stuff. While that stuff is important I think there is more than just school to look at first all the time.

Preparing for college and getting into college is not easy. There are always challenges that come with it. But I think that the prices are absurd to to start off with. There is a point where it just gets to be too much. From 2014-2015 the college tuition raised 3.7 percent in private colleges and 2.9 percent in public universities. What do you think the percent is going to get to when I get to college in three years?

Being ranked high in a class is great! But what about all those people who just could not be number one because there was always someone better to knock them out of the spot. Colleges all seem to look at grades and the courses we take first. While our knowledge does reflect off of our grades, should it really matter what our score is on an SAT or ACT. It is one test that they judge us on and it seems to determine our future for colleges. Plus, depending on the person and the activities they do makes the score they have to get on that one test differ from another.

College is just another weight that gets put on our shoulders. It would just help a lot if the colleges tuition was lowered. Since it does seem like cost is always the first thing that us as humans look at when first visiting a college. Also I hope that it gets to be where the colleges can look at a lot more of all the outside of school things opposed to the inside school things.


Nicole C.

Student, KHS