cassidy Texas

Obesity and Diabetes in the Cafeteria

This letter is to inform about the high percentage of obesity; the increse risk of gaining diabetes, in high school lunches and to pursuede and show ways to decrease and help this problem.

November 2, 2016

Dear Mr. President,

I am writing this letter to inform and ask about High School lunches. I am a 9th grader in Keller High School ; in Texas. In high school I know there are more choices and lunch favorites in the cafeteria that we get to choose from, but just because they're more likeable doesn't mean they're good for a teenagers body. 

There are less fruit, vegetables, healthy proteins, and vitamins. Yes, there may be some fruit; but they're from a can. Theres also chicken but it's greasy and fried. Cafeterias in high school also have fast food which more students would choose over healthy asparagus and juicy cantaloupe. The students of course choose the fast food because it more appealing maybe even more delicious, but it's a higher risk to gain diabetes and to increase obesity in the students. Luckily there are more healthier fast food places that would be better than the ones who serve the school. If there were just more healthy and appealing foods, there would be a huge decrease in obesity and less of a risk to gain diabetes. I recommend cups of different juicy fruits, healthy fast food places like Chipotle, or even just get the cafeteria ladies to actually cook and make healthy foods; instead of packaged and frozen foods.

 I just want our high school cafeteria to be a more healthy and disease free place for students to eat, socialize, and be healthy. With these few improvements, suggestions, and more we could decrease diabetes and obesity, which is the real problem in America.


Cassidy B.

9th grader from KHS