Mercedes V. Texas

Concealed Gun Laws

Gun Laws should be more strict.

Dear future President of the United States,

Imagine a world where families don’t turn on the news you don’t have to see sad stories of parents who lost their children due to the concealed handgun law. Or where people could walk freely without the fear that someone could pull a gun on them at any point.The second amendment does state that the citizens have the right to bare arms, so is how the second Amendment is interpreted? How can we help fix our problems with stricter background checks, and also how crime has increased due to these laws?

So, to my understanding the Second Amendment states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."( second_amendment ) Now, I also know that the Supreme Court, Or the Judicial Branch Interprets our laws. Infact, “Recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions say that states cannot totally prohibit people from owning guns. These decisions acknowledge that it is permissible for states to regulate gun ownership. However, there is nothing in any decision of the court or in the Constitution that prevents states from prohibiting people from carrying guns in public” (gun_facts).

Background checks are major when it comes to having guns. I believe that these checks should be a lot stricter, meaning there needs to be a set age limit, a certain degree in college, and a stable job. There should be drug tests every eight weeks to make sure they are stable enough to carry a gun. If these tests are missed the carrier will have to renew the license,or something so strict that makes it so difficult to get a license to carry a gun that people won’t want too.” A national survey conducted in January 2013 found that 77.3% of Americans (including 59.4% of gun owners) support requiring people to obtain a license from a local law enforcement agency before buying a gun to verify their identity and ensure that they are not legally prohibited from having a gun.” (National Survey)

My research has also found an increasing amount of crime. Infact “Between May 2007 and Mar. 11, 2014, at least 14 law enforcement officers and 622 other people were killed nationally by private individuals legally allowed to carry concealed handguns.”( ProConorg Headlines ) “In the past five years in 32 states that allow people to carry concealed weapons, people who were legally permitted to carry weapons shot more than 508 people. Fourteen of the victims were law enforcement officers, and 109 were killed in 23 mass-shooting incidents.” ( Facts about the violence caused by concealed handguns ) Both of these statements are explaining the significance of the increasing amount of crime, and I strongly believe it will only get worse.

In conclusion the things could be done to preserve these crimes, like stricter background checks. So, thank you future president for your time, and I hope you can use these ideas as a rough draft to something bigger!!

Mercedes Videtto