Andy California

Fear of the Police

Police attacking the innocents

Dear Future President

There is a problem in this country that we call the United States it is when the police take advantage of their power .That is called police brutality. It is a big problem in america and It isn't getting any better.It gets worse and worse everyday it happens.The police are supposed to be protectors but some arent thee beat the people that they are suppored to be protecting. People getting harassed by the police especially minorities in america.police beating and arresting people for no reason.

Police have been doing this for a long time one specific time where police abused their power was the Great Railroad Strike.The police began to start firing into a crowd of people.The police never face consequence.I believe that the police should held accounted for their actions but aren't.what they do is very wrong.This happens to minorities all the time.Police harassing them and beating them for no reason.One specific case was the Michael Brown case.The Michael brown case is where an unarmed African American male was shot by police and werent charged in any way.This is a good reason were police brutaliy is being accepted.It shows how police abused there power and get away with it.This doesnt help any one but only hurt the people.

This problem affects my community because it makes us the people fear the police and makes us hate the police.Instead of loving them and not fear them.Living in Los Angeles were the police brutality happens a lot.i havent seen it personally but ive heard many stories on the news.Like on October 2nd ,2016 an unarmed teenager was running and had his arms up and he was running from the LAPD because he was scared of them and then shot him dead.The police shouldnt of done that.It wasn right that they shot the teen.Soon everyoneone in the community was angry and sad about the thing.Peolple were outraged about this incedent.

I believe that there isnt a way for it to stop.Police are always going to find a way to abuse their power.It isnt something were there is a solution.i believe that it will always happen it cannot be stopped by one voice.maybe someone with a higher power can stop it.Or maybe charge a police office when this happens let them face the conseqences.But ways there is no other solution.police will alawys be currupted and police butality will awlawys happen no matte what.

Sincerely, Andy A Gutierrez