Ayub A. California

Our Lives Matter Too

Our heroes are killing our people.

Dear Future President,

Do you know how many people live in fear because of people who wear badges? Something must be done with the criminal justice system, so will you do something with it? I believe it is not fair because all you need is a high school diploma to become a cop.That is 4 years to become a hero for our country. Does that sound fair to you, only 4 years? For instance it takes 6 years to become a business owner. All they do is own a business. We are in the 21st century and racial profiling is still going on. Sometimes by our police officers

Can you believe about ⅓ of our law enforcement only graduated high school? They should only look for 2-4 year college graduates. Did you know that according to TeleSur Network “6 Latinos were killed by US cops this week and 14 of the 23 people killed last were Latino? This was quoted in the Rudy Salas hearing. He also stated that they scarred his life forever. Don’t you think police are injustice because of their actions?  We need a brave and smart president who will do what is right for America.

Some people do not know how important police brutality is. Or they don’t even care, but they should. The reason they should care is because people are being killed or severely injured partly due to cops. According to KQED about 986 people died last year in shootings, and about 159 have died this year so far. I think they may be  abusing their power over us.

People need to know about police brutality because it will corrupt our country and make our “heroes” look bad. If you don’t do something now, a bunch of people will DIE and that will reflect on your poor decisions as a leader! Do you want all that on your hands? Make sure our police are trained properly. It’s your choice, Future President. 

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