Vichian t. Minnesota

Clean energy

Clean energy or renewable energy is a big problem and people should know about it because if we don't start doing some things it will get worse and the earth might explode and cause global warming.

Dear Future President,

One of the reasons clean energy is important is because it can help stop pollution. “ forty percent of the lake in America are too polluted for fish, aquatic life, or swimming” ( A single Person can create up to five percent of the world pollution. However, the US uses twenty-five percent of the world’s resources. For example the United States burns up nearly twenty-five percent of all coal, twenty-six percent of all oil, and twenty-seven percent of all natural gas.

Another reason clean energy is important is because it can help lower taxes. “NJRCEV wind farms will help make tax credits lower” ( cbs8 news, 2015). This NJRCEV wind farm includes twenty-one onshore wind turbines with enough energy to power over seventeen thousand homes. This will help people that pay high taxes.

Some people believe that wind turbines and other renewable energy are useless and harmful to the environment. Some people think wind turbines and other renewable are useless and harmful because they think it won't change any things, but create more pollution and waste money.

This is important to people like me because in the United state, many of us rely on coal, oil, and natural gas to use for energy. All these production we use and rely on for energy is polluting our environment. From example the Mississippi River in downtown is polluted by company near the river and farm up north of the Mississippi River. We the people of Minnesota depended on the Mississippi River for waters and foods.

Future president, don't you think it's time we do somethings about finding new ways to create clean energy and stop relying on coal, oil, and natural gas. Some ways we can prevent pollution is building a machine like the one in Scotland. In Scotland, a group of engineer was thinking about building a machine that used the ocean tide to create energy (CBSNews, 2015). Another things you the future president should do is build a balloon that use sunlight and wind to create energy and store the energy in the balloon like the one in Rush County, Kansas. In Rush County the engineer built a balloon that uses the sunlight and wind to create energy and store the energy in the balloon (CNBC,2016). These are the two things I recommend you, the next president, to do this to open the eye of the people in the United State about how clean energy can help the earth and the environment.


Vichian Thao

10th grade

Central High School

St. Paul Central High School

Approaching Analysis Hours 4 and 5

10 Quest 4th and 5th hour students

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