Arrianna Tatum Indiana

African American Deaths

The violence against African American citizens has to STOP!

Dear Future President,

   There has been a number of shootings and deaths,that have killed a lot of African American citizens.I care about this issue because I am an African American myself.Another reason why I care about this issue is because I get worried and paranoid,when I hear about people of my kind,who are innocent,getting killed.Majority of these shootings are being caused by the ones who should be protecting us.

I suggest that the police started checking whoever they stop including cars before they begin shooting.Checking for things like weapons and drugs is really important because I believe that it'll limit the number of African Americans killed.I appreciate the fact that police are now wearing cameras on uniforms but,will this really help the situation?This issue is beginning to get worse and worse.

So,what do I as an African American say on violence against us as citizens.NO! We've already sacrificed a lot with having to face slavery.We want our children to grow up not having to see or go through any of this madness.

                                                                                                                          Yours truly,Arrianna from Indiana