BIGRJ021 Massachusetts



Dear Mr./Mrs. President


 My name is Jahloni Roberts. As we all know immigration has always been a big problem and I would like to share my opinion and how i feel about this topic. Now immigration has affected everybody in many different ways. Immigration has negative and positive affects on not just me but the nation. Immigration has a positive impact because the nation can take in more money. The more immigrants we take in then the more tax money will the U.S will receive. 

 If the nation takes in more money then there could be endless benefits. For examples, rework or improve different economies, build up more schools or improve the school that we currently have. Now I know this could possibly lead to overpopulation, but we just need to mange and watch how many immigrants we let into our country.   Remember, the more we let in the more it benefits us. Not only that, immigrants could affect you right in your local area. For example, there was a local immigrant in my area and he was looking for easy pay so he did a little cleaning up around my community and he was rewarded by different pedestrians. I saw no negative effects by his actions. Immigrants have stereotypes placed  on them with no real chance to prove themselves against society. 

I believe that Immigrants should be given a chance to proves themselves in our country. Not every body is the same so don't let one bad immigrants influence your overall view on immigrants. I believe that the immigrants policy should be a bit looser than it is. The naturalization process shouldn't take so long if the immigrants is showing good deeds or behavior. We should reward those who are really taking advantage of a great opportunity they have.