Jackson L. California

Racism in the U.S.

Racism is still a big problem going on in this country and it needs to be addressed.

Dear future president,

I hope that you are already worried enough about racism but by the end of this letter, you will be.Racism is still a very large problem in this country and is very dangerous because it leads to police brutality and racial profiling. Police brutality is a very large problem in this country because it is mostly based on racism. Racist comments towards African Americans have started fights across America which lead to the police getting involved. Many police officers say that they were protecting themselves when injuring other races. Stereotyping by these officers lead to deaths across the world. Over 1,130 blacks were killed in 2015 by police (theguardian). Not all of these are on the news which make people not think that racism and police brutality is a big issue. I do not believe that police brutality would exist if racism was still a factor in this country.

Along with police brutality, racial profiling is another problem because it puts people into positions they are not comfortable with. Racial profiling puts people into boxes and sorts people out. This is not okay as the constitution states all men are created equally. This means that people should be treated the same. Racism was created because people thought that the 39 men that signed the constitution were wrong. Many people also believe that if they are walking down the street and see a Muslim woman wearing a Hijab that they are immediately a terrorist. This is a huge example of racial profiling. Another is you seeing a black man walking down the street and you think “Oh well he’s up to no good.”

Many people however, believe that racism is not a problem in this country and was addressed a long time ago. The civil war was a really long time ago and now all races share the same bathrooms and public spaces. About 30 years ago, you weren’t able to do that. And people would say “Yes, it has changed quite a bit and is not as bad as it use to be”. This is still a major problem however and needs to be a major factor in voting for many Americans.

In conclusion, racism is still a large epidemic in the world and it must be addressed because racial profiling and police brutality rates have only gone up. The next president must make this a priority in order to stop this racist world the people of America are living in.


Jackson L.

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