Brooke R. California

Lets Find a Cure for Cancer

20,000 people die every day from cancer. This includes men, women and children who should or could be saved if we could just find a cure.

Cancer Research 

Brooke R.

Congratulations on winning the election. I hope you have a successful term and help move the country forward, especially in the area of cancer research.

When I was less than a year old, I lost my grandmother to breast cancer. I feel like it could have been prevented. I could have another person here who loves me, if only we had a cure. Not only would the cure save people with cancer, but no learning is ever wasted; surely many valuable medical breakthroughs will be discovered along the way.I believe that, as Americans, we should do more to find a cure for cancer because too many people are dying from it. We should be thinking about saving them, not mourning them. Secondly, I believe cancer research will ultimately help other people because it is so far-reaching that certainly, people with other ailments will also be helped. Too many people die from cancer every day because a cure has not been found. We must put more resources like time and money toward finding a cure.According to Medical News Today, “A new global cancer report by a leading US health organization estimates that cancer will kill 7.6 million people worldwide this year (about 20,000 cancer deaths a day), and more than 12 million people will find out they have the disease.” This doesn’t even account for all the people who lose a loved one to the disease. Simply put, cancer wreaks havoc. If companies made finding a cure for cancer a priority, if people donated more toward the cause, if more scientists were given funding for all sorts of research, I think a cure could be found.No learning is ever wasted. Even if medical research doesn’t find a cure for cancer, they are still learning more about cells and the body and our environment and how things affect us. This can be useful in many other ways, both for preventing and curing diseases. None of the money given toward finding a cure for cancer would be wasted According to CNN, “Researchers discovered that even though cancer cells mutate wildly within a person's body, the cancer cells within each patient also have common mutations -- ones that could be isolated and fought off by certain immune cells.” By researching cancer, scientists have found ways to use our very own immune systems to help fight off diseases.Some people claim that too much money is being spent of cancer research when other things are equally important.It is true that more people die from heart disease than from cancer (The Heart Foundation). But more funding should still be given to cancer research because it is less preventable. There is no way to control whether or not you will get cancer.Before you lose your beloved grandmother, mother or child to cancer, consider giving to cancer research. If we all give a little, it will add up to a lot. Let’s make cancer research a priority. Who knows, the next cancer victim may be you.

Thank you for taking the time to raed this Mr. Presidant,


Diablo Vista Middle School

Zhebel - English 8

Zhebel - English 8

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