Janine J. California

Half of the World Population is in Poverty

Sufferers around the world are struggling to keep up with these conditions.

Dear Future President,

Not everyone in this world leads a fairy tale life. Almost half of the world population suffers from poverty because of financial situations and lack of basic necessities.

Many people living in poverty suffer from financial situations because they have extra duties on their hands or have low paying jobs. Poorer families have to balance their life between their job and their children. Some families in poverty work for a job paying them very little. This complicates their duties even more since they also have children in the family to take care of. According to globalissues.org, almost half of the world population lives on less than $2.50 a day, contrasting to the $94 usage an average American uses per day. 

Sufferers from poverty lack the basic necessities of daily life because many are dying from health issues. About 400 million people worldwide have no access to health services. As worldbank.org states, poorer people can not afford to purchase things for good health. These can lead to starvation and illnesses of both adults and children in poverty. 10.6 million children died before reaching the age of 5 in 2003.

Although, many choose to help people in poverty, some do not because they believe that the people living in these unpleasant situations, choose to live this way. Some people believe that people suffering from poverty, do not work hard and choose that destination to live in a painful way. These people believed that laziness played a great role on poverty. In 2007, 6.4 percent of adults under the poverty line, did not work. People who believed that people suffering from poverty were lazy, thought that if those sufferers worked harder, they would be able to succeed and become wealthy. This was a misconception because many people in poverty, who worked full time, remained under the poverty line.

All in all, people living in poverty need to be helped. They are suffering even if they work full time from financial issues and lack of basic necessities. Even with the misconception, these people living in these harsh conditions deserve to live how an average person lives, with health care and a good life.

Thank You,


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Zhebel - English 8

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