Jose p. California

Animal Abuse

Many dogs are getting abuse because of the people that do not treat them good like they supposed to

Mr./Mrs.Future President,

Dog fights and animal abuse is not fair for them they are getting hurt because of the humans that do not work only make dog fights. They make fights because the people like getting money and they are not going to fight for them that is why the dogs are getting hurt.Some of the people when they lose money and the dog is hurt they throw them away like garbage because they did not win. When some of the people see a dog hurt some of them goes and get the dog and go to a animal clinic. These dogs that some of the animal control get the poor dog and cure it so people could adopt it again and take care of it because it supposed to use it as partner when someone is alone he will be next to you.

Dog Fighting began a prevalent in the US after the Civil War They used pitbulls in the 1860s. And Police Officers and Firemen use Dog Fights as a entrainment. Animal cruelty should not exist because that is when the dogs are getting hurt and not treat it like it supposed to. Like 250,000 Dogs are getting hurt because of Dogfighting and animal cruelty. I looked on a article that there was a owner that lived on a house he get his dog (Pitbull) and tie him really hard and left him all weak with blood and could not even move. He left him without food. some people called and said that the dog did not even had food on the plate and the owner left the country the dog was waiting like 5 weeks and his owner was not there. When the animal control came they took the dog straight to the animal clinic. They cure him because almost he was going to die.Some people was looking for a big dog and took the dog and took good care of him.

I Think dog abuse should stop because they are animals and they only need care and love to our pets. The dogs are for friendship not to be killed. Some of the people post on the social media killing their animals.

And they do not even care because they are bad persons who do not have a heart. They should take the pets if they do not even want them. So they could find a new home where other people treat them nicely.



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