Adrian P.

Lowering College Tuition

I believe that college tuition needs to be lowered or even free.

Dear Future President,

My name is Adrian, and I am 13 years old. Being 13 thinking about high school and college I am seeing some prices that are very scary to me. College tuition should be lowered or even free because everyone deserves an education no matter the price. The price has to be lowered because students end up having to get student loans as well. On top of the cost of the college, the student has to pay for the dorm, food, textbooks, and supplies.

Now college tuition is imperative to me because that is one of my goals in life and the cost is very high per year. The average yearly cost for college from 2014-2015 is about $9,139 for in-state public tuitions, $22,598 for out-of-state students, and a private university was much higher at $31,231 per year. Most students get student loans. 71% of students graduate with student Students that graduate from college has student loan debt. 70% of students graduate with student loan debt. Americans owe $1.3 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Students should not need student loans if the college prices were lowered or even free for some colleges.

In addition to the cost of tuition, students have to pay for dorms and plenty of other supplies for classes. Students have to pay roughly $1,000 for their total amount of books. Dorms cost roughly $8,000 for a public college and $10,000 for private school on the campus. Now, of course, there has to be food, decorations, beds, and other supplies such as computers and tablets. Some families can barely afford put their children in a dorm and college. On the other hand, the money that people pay goes to making the campus look better, make stadiums upgraded, and pay people, but that doesn’t mean the college can have fundraisers once a month.

As can be seen in the information above a lot of people are being affected every day with debt. Also, families are struggling to get their children through college with an education. This is a national problem we can’t ignore. People who graduate are still trying to pay off their debt. It’s finally time to make a difference in our country and lower the cost or make some colleges for free.


Adrian P