Catalina G. California

Education For Faster Children

There is a big issue.Children that are in foster systems don't get the opportunity to have a great education.

Dear,future president

There is up to 518,000 children in the foster system.There is a lot of children that have not have the opportunity to stay in one place and achieve their goal.Foster children have to have a great education.One reason why you should help foster children to have a great education , is that foster children move house to house,school to school,and have not have the chance to stay in one place to have a great education.A anoter reason,is that people who make law dont give the chance for these children to achive their goal.Nevertheless,we need the next presiden to help children in foster care to solved this problem.

Foster children had face lots and lots of challenges in life.These children move a lot and have not have chance to study and graduate.For example,there is these episodes of a tv show, about a girl name callie and Jude There are brothers.they are in foster care because their mom died,and his dad was in jail.Callie and jude never stayed in one place and had a lot of trouble studying.Also,jude was so far behind that they wouldn't even let him stay in school.So i belive that every one should have a great education.

People who make law/ policies should improve and make better circumstances for children/adults.For example,policymakers should make scholarships,programs or anything that is need for those children/adults in foster care.Another example,is that policymakers should make a shelter for the children that turned 18 and are not under the state care anymore.I strongly believe that policymakers should do something to change this.

Future president i hope you can make solve this problem.There is been a lot of problems going in the foster care programs.I just really hope you can help those children to get a better education for them to make there dreams come true.


Catalina G. 

Lakeview MIddle School

Woods Period 1

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