Kanyada D

A Home for the Homeless

There are thousands of homeless across the United States living in poverty. We, the citizens of the US, must take action and work to build more shelters.

Dear Future President,

Every evening, thousands of United States citizens come home to a warm meal after a fulfilled day. However, there are thousands of United States citizens who live on the streets wondering what a full belly and a safe home feels like. Have you ever heard anyone say, “I want to be homeless”? No, because no one wants a miserable life, never having enough food, never being comfortable, and constantly having to move from danger. Yet there are still millions of people who experience this. These people deserve a home with healthcare, meals, and comfort. The issue of homelessness needs to be stopped and building more shelters throughout the United States will help end it. This is our country and we the people, and you the president, help determine what it becomes. So, let’s work together and ensure that everyone has a home.

In the United States, it is estimated that about 564,708 people are homeless every day. That’s over half a million people without a home in this entire country. These people are homeless for simple, yet huge, reasons such as poverty, family instability, poor physical and mental health, and unfortunately, domestic violence. By building more homeless shelters throughout the United States, an opportunity to possess the life these people can’t afford is provided. Homeless are wrongly looked at as depressing and dangerous beggars, but they are so much more than that. They have gone through what many fortunate citizens have never even spared a thought of. They have been abused, forced to live an unsatisfactory life on the streets, and yet they are human. They are human with desires, needs, and emotions. Homeless shelters will answer to those characteristics of humanity and provide the necessities of life.

The dull life on the streets not only affects a person by depriving them of the materials needed to survive. But the life as a homeless person also takes away what could have been a joyous, successful life. People on the streets watch daily as bystanders carry on with their normal, content lives, and crave to possess that content. Being homeless, the chance to be the person you’ve dreamt of becoming is gone. It takes away the chance to even try. Being homeless, you lack the proper education and talent is wasted in just trying to survive. You are cast away from what could have been a truly great future, and every person, whether adult or child, should be able to endeavor towards that future. HUD reports list 138,000 of these hopeless homeless are children. These children may never strive in their futures because they were raised on the streets. Once you fall back, it’s hard to get back up, and with the assistance of shelters, you’ll get that boost towards a new life.

However, with all these reasons as to why more homeless shelters should be built, unfortunately there are still people who believe homelessness does not need a conclusion. Without a question, these people are wrong. Homelessness is a major issue in the United States, and most definitely, needs to be fixed. This population without a home is made up of veterans, children, the domestically abused, and people who just can’t afford housing. 57,000 veterans are without a home, and an astounding 90% of homeless women come from abuse. But with all these sad numbers, there is a victory. Companies everywhere have thrived to attend to these numbers. The “Tiny House Movement” has built thousands of homes in Texas, New York, Utah, Florida, Wisconsin, and California. It’s truly significant what this company, as well as many others, have done to help end homelessness. So, can you make a difference too?

“Home is where the heart is”, and in this case, “home is where the shelter is”. I want to make a change and help contribute to those who don’t have a home, but I need your help. Together, with the rest of the United States, we can work towards the constructing of more shelters. In building more shelters, we can transform the lives of thousands. We can help the undefined become defined. It all starts with a little food, a little bit of comfort, and a whole lot of care. Let’s take those destitutes and make, not only their future, but ours too.


Kanyada D