Bella G.

World Hunger

805 million people worldwide suffer from hunger on a daily basis. If we don't take action against this, our future will not look bright. Food drives are great ways to feed people. If the United States starts participating in more food drives more people will be fed and the number of people suffering from hunger will go down.

Dear Future President,

Do you know the feeling of getting home from a long day and smelling the dinner prepared for you? Do you know how that feeling sometimes even gets better if it is food that you love? The weight of everything on your shoulders lifts off as your mouth waters envisioning yourself sitting down with your family and eating the delicacy. Thousands upon thousands of people don’t get to enjoy their dinners, or lunches, or breakfasts. Millions of people don’t even get three, let alone one meal a day. There are 805 million people worldwide who are suffering from hunger on a daily basis. Three million people in that population are children. Hunger is consuming the world faster and faster. We need to take action and do something to prevent families from their suffering. World Hunger needs to come to an end.

There is enough food in the world to feed every person, that is, everyone that can afford it. There are many causes of hunger, but one of the most common causes of hunger is poverty. Poverty can happen to someone in various ways. Natural disasters can cause someone to lose their home, their food, and their income. When a family loses their income, they can no longer pay for a home or food. Sadly, 21,000 people die each day from hunger, and children die more often than adults. Seven thousand of that population are people living in the U.S. I believe steps could be taken to reduce the number of people suffering from hunger in the U.S. Have you ever complained about the price of food? Have you ever thought about reducing the price of food in supermarkets? Just think, if a carton of milk was 30 cents less, a family might be able to enjoy a bowl of cereal instead of whatever they can find off the streets.

In addition to poverty, natural disasters are another very powerful cause of hunger. Natural disasters can be very catastrophic to people no matter how much salary that family receives. Although we cannot prevent natural disasters from happening, we can take action after the disaster has stricken. One way that can reduce the number of people suffering from hunger by losing their homes is to build more homeless shelters. More homeless shelters can produce food and proper homes for people who have lost their own. Another way to help decrease the number of starving people is to make more people want to donate food or money towards food drives. Food drives could give food to people who can no longer afford it. Increasing the number of food banks would also help our United States for the better.

Remember the feeling that I mentioned at the beginning of the letter? It’s many people's favorite feeling in the world. Most people live to feel that feeling at the end of the day. World hunger affects me because 48.1 million people in the United Sates go without food and nourishment each day. Slowly that number is increasing every day. This is going to be my future no matter what side I am on. Whether I am well nourished on a daily basis, or whether I am going without nourishment on a daily basis. If the U.S builds more homeless shelters and participates in more food drives, the number of people suffering in the U.S will drop tremendously. We just need to be focused on one question. How long would it take to demolish hunger if we stand up and fight it completely?


Bella G