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An education for all

I want the future president to focus on making schools affordable and equal.

Dear Next President,

Did you know that kids aren't getting enough education by the streets they live and by the amount of money their parents could afford for them to go to school? There are kids whose parents can't afford for their children to go to a good public school because they were different skin color, and they didn't have enough money. For the kids who have money there is a higher chance of education. I want you to know that this is a problem we're facing because kids need an education so they can get themselves into college and graduate. I want you to make schools more affordable for everyone so every kid can go to school.

In The New York Times article, “Race and Class Collide in a Plan for Two Brooklyn Schools,” kids couldn't get a higher education because their parents couldn't afford them to go to a better, well-treated school. They were of a different skin color and they can't afford their child to go to school. In Brooklyn, there has been a problem that one of the schools is overcrowded with children and the school is only allowing those students with wealthy parents stay at that school. The other students have to attend a different school without the same resources. Many parents are trying to get their children a better education.“We fought hard to build this school, and we’re not just going to let people come from outside when we worked so hard and dedicated ourselves.” I feel like this could be something we should look for cause they need their education to get themselves to college and have a career in the future.

In The New York Times article, “Education Gap Between Rich and Poor is Growing Wider,” is about how rich kids are getting a higher education than the poor because they have more money to attend to go to school. Many parents can't afford their children to go to preschool which leads them to have their children not attend the best schools and attend the best college to get the best career. The environment that they live in is impacting their education and life in the future.

I feel like you should make how hard parents are working for their children to get a higher education a priority in your administration and how they want their child to have a better future because they can't end up on the streets and they need a school that's affordable so they can have a career. For example make all schools affordable and kids should go to a school where they’re all equal. Good luck in the next four years.



Greenwich High School

English Lit and Comp 3

Eng Lit and Comp 3

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