Lily R. Wisconsin

Marriage Equality

Why LGBT(lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) marriage should be legal in all states.

Dear Future President,

Imagine you’re in love with the one, the one you know you’ll love forever,but you can’t get married because you two are the same gender. Legalizing gay marriage needs to happen. One reason I believe this is, not letting LGBT(lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgender) adults get married is discriminatory. In fact,couples weren’t always man-woman, and banning gay marriage increases psychological disorders LGBT adults should be free to enjoy the same things as straight couples such as getting married. A second reason I believe this is It doesn’t harm anyone, Many religious leaders and churches support gay marriage, so it doesn’t go against many religious beliefs. 60% of Americans support LGBT marriage and it has a steady support growth. Letting LGBT adults get married actually helps the economy because then more people will get married, and there is a fee for a marriage license. By banning LGBT marriage, it makes a potential cause for bullying because it’s much easier for kids to be bullied if they have LGBT parents or if they are LGBT. One last reason I believe this is the fact that so many people are LGBT,1 in 10 adults are in married LGBT relationships. 60% of LGBT live together but aren’t married. They make good couples; sometimes even more stable relationships than straight couples. 20% will own the fact that they are LGBT, but 50% won’t! It’s a right: gay marriage is protected by the U.S. constitution; it’s a civil right; and most importantly, marriage is an internationally recognized right for ALL humans, so why is it still illegal in some states?


Lily- Wisconsin