Timothy P. New York

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Combined with Teen depression and suicide

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

Hello, I need to talk about a problem still happening in schools, communities, and even just online. This problem is bullying or cyberbullying. I know there is a law now that is called the dignity act or anti-bullying act that makes bullying including cyber bullying illegal. According to the New York State Law this includes harassment and threats plus many more against race, gender,color, weight, national origin, ethnic group, religion or religious practice, disability, sexual orientation, gender or sex. It is happening all over the US even with the law in place. Earlier in 2007 in a different school that I was in I was some what getting harassed with mostly what they are saying not how they are saying it. I wrote this in a notebook that we write in every time I go into my english class when I was seven. After that year my classmates got more mature and now I am sixteen in a different school and everything is fine but it has been on my mind for ages. I am very overemotional and I will always be I can’t change my personality. My life is much different than other children and teens it is slowly getting better but all those thoughts are still coming back to me not just bullying but my own childhood. There are many other children like this too and I don’t know what they are going through.

Cyberbullying is also a way of bullying that makes it so you don’t know who it is. According to the article Bullying Increases the Risk of Teen Suicide from Opposing Viewpoints this type of bullying happens with mostly girls. It is simply to see that this happens being undetected to other children and teens. According to experts they say technology removes inhibitions the person from the consequences of his or her actions. This even happens in schools. This may seem like a small problem but it is much bigger seeing that suicide from depression is put in play. The years of twelve to eighteen in age report to be bullied. As well in other cases other teens have committed suicide just so they can’t bear the torment any longer. They do this to escape the bullying they have endured and have even gave rise to a new term for saying suicide it is called bullycide. I never had these suicidal thoughts because I can handle it in some way, but other teens can’t. Mr. or Mrs. President if you can do something about this problem with bullying it will be greatly appreciated. Don’t let this problem be ignored. Please see what you can do with the law and other way to decrease bullying online and in public places so less teens and children commit suicide.

Sincerely, Timothy Pound

Queensbury, New York